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Eurail Passes currently offer a versatile array of products to fit the needs of travelers. Unlimited travel within only 1 country, or from 2 to up to a current 26 countries for periods from 3 day to 3 months.. The Select Pass and Saver Pass are more common iterations now than the unlimited pass. Eurail also delivers additional benefits with each Eurail Pass, including free or reduced transportation on private railroad companies, national & international ferry crossings, bus transportation, as well as reductions on hotels, museums and bicycle rentals.

As travelers needs change and technology advances, there has been much discussion on the value of a Rail Pass over individual tickets (see Rail Pass Value). Like all things in a complex technology driven world, a comparison of price and convenience one any itinerary may provide a different for each circumstance. The cross boarder Rail Passes like the Global Pass and Select Pass for adults come in First Class only, while Youth Passes are for Second Class. Single Country Pass are available in either first or second class. Price comparisons should be made with similar classes.

Countries of the Eurail Pass

There are 26 countries in total participating in the Eurail Pass system; Austria (including Liechtenstein), Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France (including Monaco), Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Montenegro, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland.

There are currently four types of Eurail Passes available:

Eurail Global Pass

The Eurail Global Pass is the original, classic Eurail Pass, allowing travelers to explore as much of the continent as possible. Valid on the railways of 23 participating countries, this pass is perfect not only for people who want to travel around several countries, but also for those who haven’t yet defined their itinerary because they want a wide range of flexibility and spontaneity. To be of real value, you should anticipate a significant number of trips.

Eurail Select Pass

Introduced in 2001 in response to the growing trend of travelers only visiting a few select countries (rather than the whole continent) the Eurail Select Pass allows customers to practically tailor make their own holiday with cost conscious flexibility. Now perhaps the most purchased of the passes, this allows customers to select three, four or five adjoining countries of their choice, provided that they are connected by a participating rail or shipping route. With 25 countries to choose from in total, there are over a thousand possible combinations.

Some smaller countries or legacy countries are combined into individual units for the Selct Pass combinations. Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands are counted as one country: “Benelux”, Montenegro and Serbia are counted as one country, Croatia and Slovenia are counted as one country. Countries are considered bordering when they are linked by a direct train or shipping line which is included in the Eurail pass, either as full partner or as benefit partner. Ireland has no actual bordering Eurail country, but can be combined with Benelux or France for the purpose of this pass.

Eurail Regional Pass

The Eurail Regional Pass is for those who don’t have the time to visit several countries. There are currently 21 participating countries offering a total of 24 different combinations to choose from. The Regional Pass is similar to the Global but limited to two countries. A Regional Pass for Switzerland could include Germany, France, Italy, or Austria. Leichtenstein is included as part of Switzerland.

Eurail One Country Pass

This is the newest pass added to the Eurail product range, quickly growing in popularity. The One Country Pass offers travel on the rail system within a single country. There are currently 19 different passes available in this range and more countries are expected to be added in the coming years. It is possible to find similar passes from the local national rail systems, but if making plans in advance the Eurail pass allows confidence in your travel arrangements

Eurail Pass Categories - Types of Pass Availability

Continuous Passes

Continuous Global Passes can be used for an unlimited number of days in which your pass is valid (Global Passes can be continuous or flexi)

Flexi Passes

All Eurail Select, Regional and Eurail One Country Passes are categorized as Flexi. This type of pass allows the holder to choose which days they travel within a longer period of validity. Flexi Pass holders are required to record each day that they travel within the travel calendar.

Adult (First Class)

Eurail Passes are good for travel in 1st class (when 1st class carriages are available). This means that Eurail customers travel in true comfort and style. Some of the Regional and Single Country Passes are now offering 2nd class travel to customers, allowing people traveling on a budget to make a saving.

Youth (Second Class)

This product has been designed for passengers under 26 years and entitles the pass holder to travel at a reduced rate. Travel is always in 2nd class and youths can expect to pay around 35% less than the full adult fare.

Saver Passes (Group Discounts)

Customers traveling with at least one other person can benefit from a discount with Eurail. The Eurail Saver Passes, valid for 2 up to 5 adults traveling together, give around a 15% reduction on the regular fare for Eurail Global and Eurail Select Passes (this discount is not available for youth passes). Note that all passengers should be together when validating the pass and at all times during the trip.

Added Value

Pass Benefits

While Eurail is primarily associated with rail travel, there is a whole range of “Benefit Partners” offering discounts (and in some cases free transportation) to Eurail Pass holders.In each participating country, companies such as shipping lines, sightseeing tours and hotels, give added value to the Eurail Pass by offering special deals upon presentation of the pass.

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