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The Classic and Panoramic choices of the branded Golden Pass route run on the MOB (Montreux Oberland Bernois) rail operated section of the narrow gauge track between Montreux on the shore of Lake Geneva, via Chateau d’Oex and Gstaad to Zwiessimmen (where you change to a different Golden Pass non-panoramic train to Interlaken and Lucerne on the standard gauge tracks). The trains run on an alternating schedule with three of each in both directions throughout the day, two hours apart. The route and the scenery of both versions are the same, through beautiful mountain meadows of grazing milk cows, past ancient wooden farm chalets, though wooded forests, crossing rivers and past ranges of Alpine peaks. What’s the difference?

Golden Pass Panoramic

Golden Pass Panoramic CarThe “Panoramic” Golden Pass train is a specially built scenic train with large view windows, and upper window panels along the roof line to allow a higher view of the mountains with the carriages a bit lower to the ground. The seating is modern with 1st and second class coaches. Special luggage racks are at the end of the cars so upper luggage rack don’t spoil the view. The ride is smooth and sleek. There is snack service at your seat or a restaurant car in the middle of the train. The seating is cushiony with two by two rows and group facing seats.

Golden Pass Front viewThe Golden Pass Panoramic train on this portion of the route is pulled by its signature “Grand Vue” dome engine, with a sleek aerodynamic nose. The train engineer sits enclosed in the dome above and passengers can ride in the front view section of wide forward looking glass. The grand view seats are rather like a movie theater, with two rows of three seats and three individual seats along the side. These first class seats require a reservation and special ticket, or a supplement with a Swiss Pass.

Golden Pass Classic

Golden Pass Classic Train in SceneryThe “Classic” Golden Pass train offers the chance to experience a scenic train route as it might have been in the days of the “La Belle Epoch” when the famous “Orient Express” ran through Switzerland. The train is made up of first and second class cars of that golden era called “Wagons Lit” and “Pullman”. The cars have been refurbished or rebuilt with carved wooden decoration, rich fabric seats, brass fittings and beveled and etched opal windows between the coaches. The windows can open on the classic.

Golden Pass Classic CarThere is a snack dining and bar car called the Wine Cellar coach, but snack service is offered at your seat. A special snack platter of regional specialties of cured meats and cheeses comes on a souvenir serving board with the trains logo, you can take home. You don’t have to get dressed up in period costume to experience the “classic” train. You don’t need special ticketing, and a Swiss Pass or Rail Pass is valid, but in the high season a seat reservation is definitely a good idea, especially in the crowded 2nd class. Standard electric locomotives pull the train, some painted in colorful promotional decoration. There is no forward view on the classic.

The Chocolate Train

The Chocolate Train is a version of the Golden Pass route which travels from Montreux as far as Montbovon where it changes direction to go to Gruyeres for the Gruyeres Cheese Dairy tour and the Nestle-Cailler Chocolate Factory Tour (by bus from Gruyere to Broc). It only runs on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from May to October, and requires a special reservation and ticket (First Class only) . © sbr

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