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Nestle-Callier Chocolate Factory BrocThe Maison Cailler Chocolate Factory in Broc, just a stones throw from medieval town of Gruyere was has been making chocolate treats since Louis Cailler established his headquarters in the Swiss hills of Fribourg-Gruyere in 1989. Now owned by Swiss food giant Nestlé, the factory has opened a fresh new tour and visitor center at the hundred year old factory, telling the story of how sweet milk chocolate came to be. Following the journey of the cocoa bean first discovered by the conquistadors in the New World. At first chocolate was bitter, but thought to be an aphrodisiac treat by the wealthy. Soon, ground cocoa was mixed with sugar, adding sweet to the bitter.

Cailler Chocolate factory Tour Beens RoomBut it was 1875, that François-Louis Cailler from his shop in Vevey on Lake Geneva making squares of dark chocolate, joined with Daniel Peter, who discovered the idea of mixing milk and powdered chocolate in a steam pressure system that the modern era of sweet milk chocolate now known a Swiss Chocolate, was born. They were joined by Amédée Kohler, who formulated with a recipe of adding hazelnuts and pralines to chocolate. A supply of plentiful supply of fresh milk was needed and Caillier, while on a bicycle ride through the hills near the village of Broc, found the perfect spot for a factory. The Cailler Chocolate brand spread across the world in the market crash of 1929 when Cailler merged with Henry Nestlé, the maker of the powdered milk.

The Caillier Factory Tours is not really a tour of the factory for health reasons, but a special exhibit tour, entered in groups by timed entry, through a series of themed exhibit rooms with interactive displays of sights, sounds and. At the end of the display the doors open to the “factory”. A room where cocoa beans of different roasting flavors can be scooped in your hand to smell the aroma or taste the bitter sweetness, and milk cans with the names of local suppliers from family farms in the Gruyère-Broc area who still supply the milk.. A machine with a factory worker demonstrates the automated process of modern chocolate making.

Chocolate Tasting Kitchen Nestle factory TourThe tour ends in the tasting room, where all the varieties of Cailler chocolates can be sampled to your sweet tooth’s delight. After the tour kids and parents can have the hands on opportunity make their own chocolate recipes in the Atelier de Chocolat educational center. The shop offers packaged Cailler Chocolate products or souvenirs to take away, or ship home, of have a snack at the café restaurant "La Chocolatière”.

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The Maison Cailler Chocolate Factory Tour is open daily from 10am to 6pm with the last show entry at 5:15 pm. A tour takes about an hour and 15 minutes, unless you stay for the chocolate making classes. Entry for Adults is 10 Swiss francs, Students and Seniors 8 Swiss Francs, children under 16 are free. By local train go to the Broc Fabrique stop on the SBB rail line. The Swiss Chocolate Train from Monteux which includes the chocolate factory tour runs from May to October. The Swiss Golden Pass Line from Interlaken to Montreux passes near Gruyere through Montbovon. for a stop-over visit.

Cailler Factory

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