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Scenery and Exercise in the Lucerne Regin

Brunnen - Luzern - Rütli

Waldstatterweg Hiking Path ViewThe Waldstätterweg is an uninterrupted trail from Brunnen to Rütli via Lucerne. The Waldstätterweg combined with the Swiss Path, together form an uninterrupted trail entirely around Lake Lucerne. The 114 kilometer (50 mile) long Waldstätter Trail is divided into 12 stages of 6-15 km. Depending on the terrain, each stage is either a moderate hike, a steeper mountain trail or a walk. The route sometimes comes close to the banks of lake and sometimes traverses over the backs of mountains. Lucerne Tourism

The Swiss Path

The Swiss Path is certainly the most well-known circular hiking route in Switzerland, leading through the historic stops of the Swiss Confederation, the four lands surrounde Lake Lucerne and Lake Uri which joined to form a single state. With the 700th anniversary of Switzerland in 1991 (1291-1991), the 35 kilometer long (17 mile) Swiss Path emerged as a common venture of all the cantons. It is divided into stages which are partially wheelchair-accessible as well as accessible by boat (see Lake Lucerne Cuises) or by train. It begins on the Rütli, the birthplace of Switzerland, leads around the Urnersee and ends in Brunnen at the Square of Foreign Swiss ("Platz der Auslandschweizer").
Uri Tourist Info

Reuss River Hike
Lucerne - Emmenbrücke - Perlen

Rueuss River Hike  Needle DamThis walking trail begins right in the heart of Lucerne, following always on the left side of the Reuss River, to the "needle" dam, the wooden spikes where the water levels of the Vierwaldstättersee otherwise known as Lake Lucerne, are regulated. Just a little way beyond, follow the narrow path next to the Historical Museum towards the Mill bridge which was built in 1408 with series of paintings done by Caspar Meglinger (mentioned in new book Mary Shelley's Secret Memoirs). Just continue following the water, partly on the sidewalk, to the Reuss Island with its small shops and offices. From here a longer section of the trail will trace right next to the river. Near the railroad track climb up some steps and cross over the Kleine Emme River at the same height as the bridge. It is from here, on the other side of the Emme you can take the Planet hike to Perlen. Or you can also take the bus No. 2 from Emmenbrücke back to Lucerne. Those who continue on to Perlen can catch bus no. 22 back to Luzern. The walk as far as Emmenbrücke is about 1 hour 30 minutes, the whole route to Perlen is 3 hours. Take a snack in a backpack, or you can easily find a number of restaurants near the hiking trail.
Lucerne Tourism

Emmen River Path

The Emmenuferweg offers the scenic landscape of the canton of Lucerne. What is particularly convenient is that this route leads directly to all the train stops of the Lucerne-Schüpfheim rail line, so that you can to visit any of the sections individually. On walks along the Kleine Emme, alpine creek, there is a lot to see and with every new turn along the stream the waters change sound a little bit different with the terrain. The full Emmenuferweg is 54 kilometers, but you can get on or off the train and walk only the distance you can manage.
UNESCO Biosphäre Entlebuch

Meadow Trail

Alpine meadows are one of the most endangered ecosystems in Europe. The flood plain is constantly shifting between high water and low water and provides an important habitat for many endangered plants and animals. The meadow landscape is brought up close to the visitor by information boards on the 700 meter long "Auenspur" (meadow trail) in the estuary area of the Steineraa. In the Steiner flood plain, there are almost 40 wooded plant varieties signposted.
Steinen Tourism

From Andermatt

Four Lake High Altitude Hike
Melchsee-Frutt - Engelberg (Trübsee)

The Four Lake High Altitude Hike is one of the most beautiful hiking routes in Switzerland. The starting point is the aerial cable station at Melchsee-Frutt.
The trail route runs along the picturesque Melchsee up to the crisp turquoise Tannensee, and then drops down via Tannalp to the deep-blue Engstlensee. The Engstlenalp is also a powerhouse and is excellent for a picnic. Via Jochpass, the path then heads down the other side of the mountain to the glassy Trübsee and then continues further on to Engelberg.
Sportbahnen - Melchsee-Frutt

The Four Rivers Source Route

In this region of the Switzerland Alps, the European divide, can be found the sources of four of Europe’s great rivers which flow in different directions to Germany, France and Italy – the Rhine, the Rhone, Reuss, and Ticino rivers. These four sources can be reached by well-developed hiking paths in the high mountain region, ideal for individual day hikes. At the start and end points of the each of these hikes, there are stops for public transportation. If you want to reach the source of all four, plan a five-day hike with a number of good overnight-stay opportunities.
Andermatt Gotthard Tourism

Schöllenen Loop Road

Lop Road Train Bridge ViewThe path way over the high Gotthard Pass leads through the dangerous Schöllenen ravine with steeply rising walls above the wild rushing river. The inhabitants of the Urseren Valley hand built steps, footbridges and paths they only needed help to build a bridge according to the legend. The starting point of the 560 meter (500 yards) loop road is the car park above the two Devil's Bridges (Teufelsbrücken). After crossing the old Devil's Bridge on Kommerzialstrasse, which dates back to 1830, you come through the old military tunnel to the eastern side of the Schöllenen Gorge, which presents an breath-taking view into the canyon and of the twin Devil's Bridges. The loop route leads up a short rise to the meeting point. The pathway continues on over the bridge at the level crossing of the Matterhorn-Gotthard-Bahn (MGB) railway(see Matterhorn Gotthard bahn) to the bank of the roaring Reuss River. Then via the undercrossing of the viaduct you arrive back at the starting point.
Andermatt Gotthard Tourism

Hallwilersee Circle Route
Mosen - Mosen

This casual route around the shore lands of the largely unspoiled Hallwilersee presents some exciting highlights such as the Hallwil Castle or a stilt house, as well as possibilities for refreshing swimming breaks. The walk begins in Mosen at the south end of the Hallwilersee lake. Thanks to the environmental protection zone, the banks have remained undeveloped and provide hikers with an ideal local recreational area with the intact flora and fauna of the Seetal. The walk takes about 5 hours, leading almost entirely along the banks of the lake. Boat stops on the lake enable a shorter walk.
Lenzburg Seetal Tourism

Route on the Water Nature Path

On the casual moderate nature information path along the Wigger River, nature enthusiasts can follow information boards explaining the diverse habitat where fish, invertebrates, insects and reptiles live in the species-rich mountain meadow stream. A detailed brochure with a map can be gotten from the town hall in Schötz village. Arrival is best by train to Nebikon, with the path on foot to the . first information board around 500 meters south of the "Brun-Mech AG" machine factory in Nebikon. The end of the "Route on the Water" path is near the junction of the Rot River with the Wigger. The return to the Nebikon rail station by foot is about another 50 min, the whole route about 2 hours.
Verkehrsbüro Willisau

More - Engelberg

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